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Hotel Reviews

- Italy -

Palazzo Abadessa

Venice, Italy

Ahh Venice, the ‘Queen of the Adriatic’, what a town.

I had been away working for months and hadn’t seen my wife or family at all during that time so when it was over I decided to take the dearly beloved to Venice for a few days and then catch a train to Rome for a weekend and then home. I’d been to Rome a bunch of times but had never been to Venice. The Abadessa was recommended to me by a good friend who’d stayed there a year or so earlier. We were blown away, it is the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen, each room is breathtaking. Family-owned and run, this is the kind of hotel that you have to force yourself to leave to go sight-seeing or whatever, it’s right in the heart of the city and was a palace that dates back to the 1500’s, every inch of the place is fascinating. There is also a beautiful garden to relax in and every early evening the hosts open a few bottles of wine that you can help yourself to, although they may have stopped that after our visit! When we left to catch the train to Rome a gorgeous Chris-Craft motor boat picked us up from the dock and dropped us right outside the station like we were Cary Grant & Grace Kelly, fabulous darling.

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