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Restaurants in New Orleans

COCHON    *****

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is one of my favorite spots in New Orleans, it's owned by Donald Link who also owns Herb Saint, a more upmarket and truly outstanding restaurant a few blocks away. Cochon is on the amusingly unpronounceable 'Tchoupitoulas' street in the warehouse district, it’s a kind of wine bar, sandwich shop that does the small plate thing way better than most. Crammed full of Cajun porky delights like pork cheeks with oysters, my goodness those are tasty. It's very relaxed and friendly and they also have their own butcher shop next door, it's heaven.

Herbsaint   *****

New Orleans, Louisiana

What an incredible dining experience this is! It's one of the restaurants owned by chef Donald Link and in my opinion probably the best restaurant in New Orleans. It's one of the best in America, truly wonderful. Bon Appetit puts it in the 'Top 20 restaurants in America'. It's not the cheapest place I've ever been but to be fair the value for money is exceptional, food like this would cost considerably more elsewhere. Chef Link is a local, and somehow he gets that into every dish but without being brash or in your face about the whole southern, cajun thing. I'm a pretty big fan of the southern Cajun thing but when you've been in New Orleans for a while it can start to get a bit much. Po' Boys and Ettoufe are really good but they're everywhere and people are constantly telling you how authentic this one is and how grandma made the best jambalaya etc. That's all well and good but at Herbsaint they just take all that authenticity and take it to a special place.  It's the kind of place you could blow a weeks wages in, but so good you'll be back next week for more. I'm desperate to go back.

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