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Hotel Reviews

- Spain -

Parador de Antequera

Antequera, Spain

I came here on a work trip and I must say I really liked it. The rooms are very modern but still comfortable and the hotel is just a ten minute walk from the town centre so it's quiet and peaceful. I was there for about two weeks and had a enjoyable stay. The town of Antequera is very pretty and there's some very nice local bars and restaurants all within walking distance of the hotel.
The staff at the Parador were always very pleasant and helpful and I would recommend it to anyone passing through this beautiful part of Spain.

Hotel MC

San Jose, Spain

I stayed here in December and the weather was perfect, but because it was off-season the little town and the hotel were almost empty. Most of the bars and restaurants stay open throughout the year but some had closed their doors and presumably were off on their own travels.

The MC is very close to the center of town and all the usual amenities. The staff are warm and welcoming and there’s a decent restaurant downstairs, although there’s a couple down the road that are very good and worth the 30 min stroll by the harbor, watching the sunset, nice cold cerveza, oh yes, that’ll do nicely.

Cabo de Gata is a national park and is very beautiful, nice walks, gorgeous beaches, all that good stuff. I imagine during the summer it would be jammed with tourists and not so peaceful, all those young people enjoying themselves, it shouldn’t be allowed.

Whether you’re there to enjoy the tranquility or to get drunk and sun-burnt with a bunch of lads from the rugby club, the MC is a small but very nice boutique hotel and I’d go back in a heartbeat, but not in the summer.

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