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I love Spain, it’s a wonderful country, full of Spanish things like chorizo and jamon and tapas, beautiful wines and ice cold cervezas, beaches, castles, paella, football, the list goes on. The Iberian Peninsula is a great place to travel around in, there’s a huge amount to see and do. Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Spanish cities are amazing, mostly beautiful and incredibly diverse, they are all quite unique and individual but at the same time, well, Spanish.



As much as I love a good city and all the metropolitan delights they usually have to offer, I always think that if you really want to get under the skin of a place, go out to the rural towns and villages and hang out with the rednecks for a while, get yourself invited round for lunch, eat some real, proper job, traditional home cooked food, Grandma’s Paella, Uncle Whatshisname and his home-brewed Rioja, mmm yummy. Take a walk into the village, stop at the local bar, drink beer or wine and the basic, but really good, tapas is free. Every time you order another glass they bring you some Patatas Bravas or those lovely little Anchovies in olive oil or some other kind of culinary delight. You won’t get free in Barcelona or any other big city for that matter. Take your time and wander about for a while, It's wonderful.


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