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Hotel Reviews

- Germany -


Berlin, Germany

I've stayed here probably a dozen times in the last 2 or 3 years and I love it. The fact The Big Lebowski is playing on a loop 24/7 says it all. It’s fantastic in every way, top marks. The staff couldn't be better, breakfast is wonderful and the cocktails in the bar are quite delicious. Can't wait to go back.

Boston Hotel

Hamburg, Germany

I stayed here for one night with a colleague after we had finished a two-week stint working at 'Wacken Open Air’- the world’s biggest heavy metal rock festival 30 mins from Hamburg. We had spent the last two weeks sleeping on a bus in a field with a lot of German roadies and riggers so when the job was over and the production guy told me that we were to pile into the mini bus, with all the gear, and drive for 5 hours back to Berlin, I had to correct him and insist that we were driven to Hamburg and then spend the night in a very comfortable hotel and the next day we would get an afternoon train back to Berlin. I think he gathered from my tone and the best Clint Eastwood stare I could muster that any argument on his part would not end well and so we ended up in The Boston.

I must say the comfort level was very high indeed. After what was possibly the best shower ever I was soon sitting in the garden with a tall gin & tonic feeling much, much better. I’ll admit that camping in a field full of metal-heads for a couple of weeks might make it difficult to give an impartial review but if you’re ever in Hamburg and need a comfy bed and a good G&T you could do a lot worse than The Boston.  

Radisson Blu

Berlin, Germany

If you like big fish-tanks this place will blow your mind. When you walk into the lobby there’s the biggest tank I’ve ever seen, the Aquadom, the world’s largest free-standing fish tank,full of amazing fish and even the occasional scuba diver cleaning the glass. I couldn’t help thinking while I was at the desk checking in that it was a disaster movie waiting to happen, I could just imagine a crack appearing, water starts spraying out, people running and screaming, Bruce Willis appears on the balcony…

Anyway, for a big corporate hotel this place is pretty cool, the rooms are good, pleasant staff, pretty good breakfast, all the things you’d expect but it’s also in a great location, literally around the corner from fantastic museums and galleries, a huge street market at weekends and a plethora of very cool restaurants and bars. Berlin is a wonderful city, if I was a young man I think I’d move there for a year or two. Who knows, I might just do it anyway.

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