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Kastoori Grill

Seattle, WA

I went here for lunch the other day and was pleasantly surprised. They had a large buffet set up but we decided to go off the menu and had a Lamb Kastoori curry and rice, popadoms and a very nice cold beer. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the buttery rich sauce of the curry was divine. I scoffed up every morsel. The place itself could certainly use a make-over, but at the same time it has a certain authenticity about it, which might sound a bit daft but it reminded me of an Indian restaurant where I worked as a teenager in London that had great food but the place itself was a bit of a dive. I probably wouldn't come back here for a romantic evening with my dearly beloved but I definitely come back with friends, or solo, for a very tasty meal. And a nice cold beer.

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