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Hotel Reviews

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Rochester, U.K

In fairness, they are in the process of fixing up this place albeit about thirty years too late and they did give me a good deal on the room as I was there for five weeks but... if I ever decide to commit suicide in a hotel room I'll be coming here to do it.

The Snooty Fox

Tetbury UK

I received a last-minute phone call from a production manager booking me for a job in Beverston in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold’s. I was told that unfortunately they couldn’t put me up in Swindon with the rest of the crew as all the rooms in the Marriot or wherever they staying were booked so would I mind staying in a pub just down the road from the location, as it was only for one night?

I’ve often said that I’d much rather stay in a good pub than a hotel so I set off the next day and after a pleasant drive through the English countryside I arrived at The Snooty Fox.

I knew immediately that this was this was going to be a winner. This is a classic old Cotswold village pub, with over-priced but delicious food, miserable old gits sitting at the bar complaining about young people enjoying themselves and even a few ‘hoodies’ milling around outside looking for something to vandalize. I know this sounds bad, but it’s not, it’s great. Proper pubs are becoming thin on the ground but this one will be around for a long time. The landlords are doing it right, get someone in the kitchen who knows their way around the plentiful local produce and what to do with it, good local beer, a decent wine list and only over charge a little bit, it is the Cotswold’s after all, there’s more money around here than you can shake a stick at.

The room wasn’t huge but that didn’t matter, it was very comfortable and had the technology to make tea in the morning which I was very grateful for. After a few pints of a local brew I slept like a baby and woke up fresh as a daisy. This is a great place to stay whether you’re just passing through or touring around the ‘Wolds, it really is a beautiful part of the country and The Snooty Fox will set you up right. Very good.


London, UK

Two nights in Claridge’s with my wife was delightful. It’s easy to see how this has been one of the favourite hotels for everyone from royals to rock bands for many years. It oozes British Establishment but at the same time feels relaxed and not too posh,  so relaxed in fact we got to see ????????? having dinner and a few drinks in The Fumoir Bar.  Very intimate, delicious nibbles and great drinks. 

The staff are all very helpful and discreet and you get the impression that they’ve been there and back and seen it all.

The rooms are what you would expect and the beds are better.  Great mattress!

When we ordered breakfast in our room we were told that they didn’t have Manx kippers but when they heard the disappointment in my voice a young kitchen slave was dispatched to the nearest quality fishmonger and so I had happiness on a plate for my first meal of the day. It was perfection as was all of the food and service.

The bathroom was stacked with excellent shower gels etc that my wife swiped into her case each day.

Just a great place but obviously not cheap, it’s not even pricey, it’s really expensive, the cheapest room is over a thousand dollars per night,  but I wouldn’t expect anything else from a hotel that has stayed at the top of it’s game for over a hundred years in the very heart of Mayfair

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